Custom Orthotics


In order to combat pain in the lower extremities, our highly trained technicians are able to create custom orthotics. Custom orthotics will increase your range of motion by an immense amount. These devices are far superior to those that may be found within the average store, for they are built specifically for you. The shape of your feet, the shape and construction of your joints, and so much more.

Don’t know if custom orthotics are right for you? Are you an athlete who struggles with nearly constant injury induced pain? Does your lower back hurt? How about your knees or ankles? Perhaps you’re diabetic? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, custom orthotics may be the solution for you. Listed below, are the potential benefits of custom orthotics.

  • Nerve damage prevention
  • Lessened strain
  • Lessened body pain
  • Enables efficient mobility
  • Enables complex functions
  • Future injury prevention
  • Comfort enhancing